Kitten Whisperer IV, Tippy Found

Tippy had become quite a love, and was incredibly beautiful. She loved me and was so attached to me. I as offered the opportunity to graduate from high school a semester early, and took it without the need for a single thought. I was outta' there!!!

The day after school ended, I packed a suitcase and Tippy, and we were headed to Florida to live with my Granny and Papa. I was very close to them, spent most summers with them in my teens, and couldn't wait to depart metro-Detroit's hideous winter weather in January, 1979. I couldn't be happier. The world was suddenly and unexpectedly looking much brighter than I could have imagined. I didn't like Michigan's harsh and long winters, and cloudy days, year 'round. I was heading for the Sunshine State to live with my grandparents, whom I adored, and they adored me. And my cat, which I probably didn't tell them about before arriving.

I was in heaven. No more school. No more wicked classmates. No more walking back and forth though the woods to school. no more frozen feet through my rubber boots that kept out moisture, but not cold. No more white rabbit fur coat that I wore around the clock. I felt free and happy for the first time in my young life.

I turned 18 a couple weeks after arrival to what was clearly the Sunshine State! It was sunny every single day. In fact, the newspaper there had a deal with its readers that if the sun did not come out on any given day, the paper would be free of charge. I imagine that was only about 25 cents, but it was a lofty offer when you considered the amount of people who got the newspaper every day back then, and I can assure you, the paper never lost.

Tippy and I were in heaven. As I did in southeastern Michigan, I let her in and out as she demanded. She had become a favorite of my grandparents with her antics. And every night, my Papa had a bowl of ice cream, and Tippy would s