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Pets as Gifts…Think About it Carefully.

It's hard to imagine not wanting a baby kitten or puppy as a gift. But the truth is not everyone wants one. And even if they did, there may be many reasons why they don't want one right now.

I recently had a lovely customer come all the way from Atlanta to purchase a beautiful kitten for his wife. After four days, he contacted me and said that he should have consulted with his wife, that she was not ready for a kitten and asked if he could return it. I of course, said yes because I would never want one of my kittens in a home that was not wanted.

I found a new and perfect home for that kitten within hours. He is a stunningly, beautiful kitten and will be dearly loved by his new family.

I see many social media posts of people surprising their loved ones with a wrapped box containing a kitten or a puppy. They look of shock and surprise, and sometimes tears of joy is beautiful to watch. But how many of them were actually wanted or needed at that point in that person's life?

Many of the people in these social posts are elderly. Their children or grandchildren think it will be something to bring them joy and happiness, but the truth is is that puppies and kittens are work. They're not stuffed animals. They are living creatures that need lot of care and attention, And a good deal of work to make sure they are healthy and happy. When people get older, their energy is not what it used to be, and I think that that may not be taken into consideration when such a gift is considered or given.

It is also not fair to the kitten or puppy that is given as a gift. They deserve the best. They're unconditional love is required in order to provide them with the best life possible. In the case of the kitten that went home for four days and was returned went through four days of fear for nothing. It would have a adapted had it been loved and accepted, but it wasn't. The fact is is that it had in a closet during the days it was there, probably scared out of its mind. He was so happy to come back to me and his familiar surroundings and Kitten friends. He will be leaving for his new home this coming week, but it will be an entirely different experience for him because he will be adored and attended to nonstop by his new family, who I know very well.

I get, it's about how many animals there are in shelters needing homes. And it is so true. It makes me wonder how many of these animals were given as gifts and we're not wanted. That thought breaks my heart. I still taken Rescue, cats and occasionally dogs. I used to foster many, but cannot at this phase of my life because of owning a cattery and not wanting to risk my cats or kittens getting any form of disease as the foster kittens in shelters are often sick.

99.9% of my clientele are wanting a kitten from a high-quality breeder like me. They want the best and they will give the best to their kitten and cat throughout its life. Many have two or three main coons from me and they are an Ingal part of their family. It is easy for me to tell these people apart from those who may be making a mistake like this gentleman did. I did have some doubts about him but nothing I could put my finger on. So it played out the way that it did .

My point is obvious, but I wanted this to serve as a reminder that not everyone wants a new kitten or puppy, or even if they do, they may not be able to provide it with the love and care that it deserves throughout its life. Please always consider this above all else when thinking about providing your loved one with such a gift.

Thank you all for your love and support, especially to those who have animals from me or from a shelter that they love and care for deeply. It is not only needed, but required for those animals to live their best lives. They deserve that, and so do you.

Much love,

Peggy ❤️

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