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My name is Peggy Huff.  I am a private homeowner who is blessed to have beautiful and healthy pets, and Maine Coon cats are among my favorite.

I live on a very private 5 acre estate, visited by many species of wildlife, including deer, turkeys and bear, and completely surrounded by trees, including a dozen or more fruit trees. I have long range views of the mountains in Tennessee when I'm standing at the top of my property.


I have had cats in my life and in my home my entire life.  Since early childhood, I always seemed to have a cat curled up in my lap, or I'd spend the entire day with our Mama cat and her kittens, treating them gently, with great awe and reverence.  At that early age, I decided that I did not want to have children...I wanted to have a litter of kittens.  And so it came to be!

I have extensive business experience from many years of business ownership. By this website, you can tell I am also a computer nerd as I created it all myself.  I love businesses, but what I love even more is having a business that I LOVE!!!

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My Cattery

My breeding cats are treated like royalty. They are never caged and have wonderful areas with lots of natural light from many sunny windows.  You will never find my cats having kittens in a cardboard box or dresser drawer. We use spacious, warm and comfortable Nests for our mamas and their babies. Once the babies learn to walk and start leaving the Nests, we provide lots of toys and help mama begin the weaning process by providing baby kitten food and disposable litter boxes for them to learn from.  We also use many Litter-Robots throughout our cattery and work hard to keep each area safe and clean.

Our main cattery space is very large with south facing windows, plenty of storage space, multiple cat trees, a refrigerator, double sink and warm carpeting which is regularly shampooed.  This space is for our females and older kittens.  Our boys space features 6 south and east facing windows, a sky light, brick and cedar walls and stone flooring.  Their space includes a cat tree for bird gazing and toys to play with.  There is also a double glass door leading into the main cattery room for viewing and visiting.  The next space is the Nursery, where very pregnant mamas go to have their babies.  There are kitten nests that are monitored by myself and owners of the kittens, anytime day or night.  There is also a bed for me to sleep in when it becomes close to a delivery date so that I am present for the birthing, should assistance be necessary.  The kittens and mama stay in the Nursery until the kittens are 8 weeks old and have had their first vaccinations. This space is also warmly carpeted.  Last is the large Foyer, where deliveries come in huge amounts with food, litter and other necessary supplies.  It is a Cattery to be proud of, and I indeed am.

When you get a kitten from Royal Maine Coons, you are also treated like royalty from the very start. We are caring for your fur baby after all.  So we've implemented cutting edge technologies to be able to include you from day one.  First, you are invited to our Kitten Cam so you can watch your baby grow up, anytime, night or day. Second, you receive regular photos and updates on all your kittens records, daily weights, important medical dates, as well as your projected go-home date.

When you receive your kitten, you also receive a 30-day Pet Insurance Policy, all your kittens medical and vaccination records, microchip, food, our water source in a custom water bottle, a custom carry bag, a framed photo of your kitten and more.

We take excellent care of our kittens and our customers from start to finish. It is a labor of true love for our Maine Coons as well as our loving customers.

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