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Our Breeding Cats

Lord Byron (AllegianceLove Brian)

Solid White Polydactyl with Odd Eyes (Blue/Green)

Princess Treasure of Royal Maine Coons

Blue-Eyed Polydactyl bi-colored girl

Queen Brunette Katrin Style

Our Darling Black Ticked Female

Queen Heaven of Royal Maine Coons

Gorgeous Polydactyl Female with Golden Eyes

Queen Jewel of Royal Maine Coons

Our Golden Poly Female

Queen Love of Royal Maine Coons

Our Gorgeous Poly Female

Queen Milady Gonsior Line

Fluffy High-Silver Polydactyl Female

Queen U'Lady Fox Alligator *Ru

Our Super Cute Black & White Female

Queen Xenia Katrin Style

Our Lovely Colorful Female

Queen Xiola Hippopotsmia

Our Adorable Black Silver Ticked Female

Sire Beckham Katrin Style

Our Incredible Polydactyl 7/7/6/6 Cream Marble Male

Sire Filipp Katrin Style

Our Rare Blue-Eyed Polydactyl Male

Sire X-Faktor Katrin Style

Our Handsome Golden Male

Sire Zanzibar Hippopotamia

Our Amazing Aqua Blue-Eyed Male

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