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“If you have to ask”..,

People often call with only one question: How much are your kittens? As the saying goes, “if you have to ask”…

This is a nice article that outlines the bare minimum of expenses incurred by a breeder. It doesn’t include, however, the facilities, modifications, upgrades, taxes, utilities, not to mention any form of compensation to breeders who devote their entire lives, 24/7/365, to the health and well being of their Cattery as a whole.

For breeders like me, I go nowhere, except for Veterinarian and personal medical visits. There are no vacations…not even a long weekend away. That is what it takes for my Cattery in a constant state of excellence.

The arrival also does not address the emotional commitment and the willingness to deal with some really challenging parts of being a breeder. There is heartache, heartbreak and emotionally draining situations to endure. No breeder is excluded from this.

When the going gets tough, there are few moments for tears except quietly into a pillow at night as long as there are no kittens in an incubator right next to you in the other half of your bed being hand fed every two hours around the clock because their mama didn’t produce milk and you haven’t really slept for weeks because of it.

I become frustrated with people who buy a couple of cats, have a litter, then ask real breeders how to go about selling them. It’s such an unthoutful and flippant, or more likely a very naive question to ask of someone who does the hard work that breeders do. I don’t consider them breeders, or even hobbies, but folks looking to make a quick buck. I want nothing to do with folks like this, for ethical reasons, and because there isn’t enough time in my day to explain the nuances of marketing and advertising to someone who clearly does not understand the depth and breadth of being a real breeder and an ethical business person.

In addition to the excellent points made in this article, I can’t stress enough about the importance of knowing exactly what one is getting into. My customers who have gotten to know me well can attest that I go to every possible length to make sure my cats and kittens, my customers have the very best experience possible. And that is saying a lot.

So, please don’t call me and simply ask how much my kittens are. Instead, do some homework first. Know what truly important questions to ask. Get to know me, even a little bit, and let me get to know you. I am not simply selling kittens. I am creating a lifelong relationship with all of my kitten’s families. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Not with this level of commitment to excellence.

I do what I do white every fiber of my being, and from the deepest depths of my soul. So if all that you’re interested in is my price of my kittens, my kittens are not for you. And that’s okay. My kittens go to the homes they are meant to be in, where like here, no emotion or expense will be spared in loving them throughout their beautiful lives.❤️

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