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White-Glove Worldwide Delivery Service

We have partnered with a world-famous content creator who has millions of followers, who specializes in transporting domestic and exotic animals around the world.

Her name is Felicia Wilson. She is young, professional and licensed to transport by the USDA. Her social media content is so entertaining as she travels the world that it is hard to stop watching!

It is a great pleasure that Felicia has agreed to take us on as a client as she is incredibly busy.  She is so popular amongst pet owners, breeders and millions of people who simply love her creative personality and online presence. Did I mention that she's famous?

If you have purchased a kitten from us, please let us know if you need a price quote from our Cattery to anywhere on Earth.

About Felicia

Hi. My name is Felicia Wilson. I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba and live in Orlando, FL.


I transport animals all over the world and bring them to their forever homes. My number one goal is to create the most save, loving and stress free transport as possible. I transport by air (in-cabin only), and by ground in my custom travel van that I created by myself and am extremely proud of. I am UDSA Approved to transport beloved animals all over the world.


If you want someone to love all over your fur baby and spoil them completely rotten, I'm your girl.

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