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Exclusive All-Inclusive Service

Only from Royal Maine Coons

At Royal Maine Coons, we include everything your kitten needs before it goes to your home.  Below is a list of everything that is included to insure that your kitten is
healthy, happy and safe. And you will have access to our exclusive 24/7 Kitten Cams to watch your kitten grow from an infant until the day it goes home.

Exclusive All-Inclusive Service

At Royal Maine Coons, we do everything so you don't have to. Our exclusive all-inclusive services allow you pick-up your kitten with everything it needs to get started with his/her new life with you.

We include the following on your Go-Home Day:

  • Custom Binder with all medical, registration, microchip and vaccination records

  • Custom Go-Bag tote with multiple types of food, treats, toys and a fluffy bed and blanket

  • Custom water bottle with our water source and travel supplies for the journey home

  • Custom Airline Approved Kitten Carrier

  • Custom beautiful Garden Flag with metal Stand as a Thank You Gift, just for you.

Airline Approved Kitten Carrier
Airline Approved Kitten Carrier
Airline Approved Kitten Carrier
Airline Approved Kitten Carrier
Airline Approved Kitten Carrier

DNA Health

All of our breeding cats are DNA tested for 50 critical health defects of our breeding cats. The most important is HCM, which is a common heart defect that can cause an early death of a Maine Coon.  We ensure that our breeding cats are tested, and do not have this genetic defect, and that your kitten will be healthy and free from HCM.* 

Our kittens have a 1 year health guarantee. If any known genetic defects are found in your kitten within the first year, you may return your kitten and replace it with an available kitten of equal value.

*We recommend annual check-ups for all our Maine Coon kittens, regardless of their DNA Health.



    All Maine Coon kittens need a series of kitten vaccinations.  


    They receive TWO of the following vaccinations before they go to their new homes:


    • Feline Rhinotracheitis

    • Feline Calici Virus

    • Panleukopenia

    • Rabies Vaccine (One Year)


    Careful records are kept and and provided to you when you receive your kitten.  Please provide this information to your veterinarian on your first visit. 



      At Royal Maine Coons, we spay, neuter and microchip all of our kittens at 13-14 weeks of age, 1 week before they go home.


      Studies now show that early sterilization cause the growth plates close slower giving the cat even longer bones and larger size at maturity, with less risk during surgery, less anesthesia required, less recovery, and reduced risk of cancers. There is less aggression and marking with them as well.


      Most breeders that have made this choice. My vet supports it, and my clients appreciate.

      Your kitten will also have a NanoChip Microchip implanted. You will receive documentation on easy registration of your kitten with all your contact information.


        FREE Health Insurance

        We require that our new kitten owners activate free medical insurance through TRUPANION for 30 days  the day your kitten goes home. When you pick up your kitten, and need help activating your policy, we are happy to help.


        We provide all the information for you to activate your insurance policy at the time your Kitten Purchase Agreement is signed and submitted.  If there is an accident or illness, it could save you thousands of dollars in medical expenses should anything unforeseen happen. There is no waiting period, nor does it exclude any medical problems.

        There is no further obligation beyond 30 days, however, we highly encourage our new kitten owners to continue with this insurance program for the life of your Maine Coon. The monthy fees are very low, as is the deductible.


          Lifelong Support
          & Friendship

          As a breeder, I don't just sell a kitten and that's it. Not even close!

          Before you ever receive your kitten, our relationship begins. I am available to answer all your questions, provide guidance, and am always very quick to respond to any concerns. 

          I will send you an electronic binder of information on everything you need to get ready for your new family member, from what food to feed, where and how to get it, nutritional supplements, and so much more.

          Once you have your kitten, I am available 24/7 for any support or concerns. My kitten families have my private phone number and my phone is always with me. I will always answer the phone or return your text if you need help or advice with anything.

          I delight in the wonderful friendships that are built over time, and adore my kitten families as much as I do my kittens. I Love showing off your images of your kitten as it grows, plays and lives its best life with you.

          I will always consider you and your family as my extended family, and am truly honored to do so.

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