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Polydactyl (6/6/6/6)

DOB 12/6/22

Color: Black Ticked with White

Eyes: grey/taupe

Mother: Primadonna Katrin Style

Father: Filipp Katrin Style

All Tests N/N

May have deafness.

Go Home Date Approx. 3/20/23

Polydactyl KINGSLEY of Royal Maine Coons

  • Blue-Eyed Maine Coons that are not white are extraordinarily rare. To breed them, the male must have dominant blue eyes, which is nothing short of a genetic miracle. Our blue-eyed Sire, Filipp, was imported from Russia at great costs and great waits. We wanted him to be perfect, and he is. His baby picture has been circulating all over social media and has made its way to National Geographic on Facebook, where it gets thousands of likes and shares. Filipp is the one that everyone wants. So is you are purchasing one of Filipps offspring, you are purchasing a piece of genetic splendor and an incredible legacy.

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