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Gender: Male

DOB: 3/27/2023


Partial hearing possible

Paws: Standard

Fur Color: Black Ticked with White

Mother: Primadonna Katrin Style *Ru

Father: Filipp Katrin Style *Ru

Go-Home Date: 7/9/2023

RARE-PIPER of Royal Maine Coons-BLUE EYES

  • This kitten may have partial hearing. There are many benefits to having a Maine Coon who is partially or fully deaf. The reduced or lack of hearing makes them very calm, extra, affectionate, very intuitive, and they learn to hear in many other different ways. One can vacuum next to them and they don’t mind a bit. It’s because they don’t hear it. They make wonderful travel companions because they hear only peacefulness. They learn your hand signals and facial expressions, and meow and chirp just like full hearing cats.

    They are amazing pets. My first 2 Maine Coons from many years ago were deaf. a brother and sister, pure white with blue eyes. I found them marked half off because nobody seemed to want them. I asked the petshop owner why, and he said they were deaf. I picked them both up, and they purred instantly in both of my ears. It was love at first sight. They went home with me instantly, and  were, hands down, the best cats I have ever owned.

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