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Dear friends, it has recently been brought to my attention that my domain name,, was previously owned by a scammer. I purchased this domain last fall and had no idea that it had been previously used to defraud people.

I recently had a woman who recently lost her beloved cat and was wanting to purchase one of my kittens. She found a website that listed my domain name as a scam site from 2019 to 2020. It showed a screenshot of their website that isn’t mine, and the link to it was no longer active.

I purchased this domain name last fall, in 2021. I am mortified to learn that this domain name is tainted. I could know more scam someone than I could cut off my foot. I am registered with TICA, both under the above name, and my corporate name, MTTS Cattery. I can be looked up at the NC Secretary of State. I pay taxes on every dollar I make, and would never think to defraud even the government, which I cannot say about many breeders.

Everything I do, and everything I stand for is above board and with the highest integrity. I welcome you to vet me in every way possible. I even accept credit card payments, which no other breeders that I know do. They are simple to dispute and reverse charges. I do this so that my customers feel completely safe, even though it costs me a significant amount to accept payments this way. It is literally impossible to be scammed by me.

I wish to turn the name Royal Maine Coons into a Maine Coon household name with nothing but positive experiences. The name so perfectly represents my cats, my kittens, my Cattery, my standards and my ethics, which are exceedingly high.

If you ever hear rumblings from people from the past doing evil things with my good name, please stop them and tell them that that wasn’t me, nor could it ever be. Those whom I am honored to have done business with can attest to that.

Wishing you blessings in every way.


Here is a screen shot of the scam site that used the same domain a couple years ago:

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