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From Russia with Love

I have had the pleasure of providing one of my customers with two Maine Coon brothers directly from my renowned breeder in Moscow.

My breeder is the ONLY place I get my breeding cats from as they are exquisitely perfect in every way. She is not only a breeder, but a veterinarian and surgeon. She breeds for genetic perfection, and her kittens are second to none. They are also genetically tested for known Maine Coon DNA variants that can make them susceptible to a number of illnesses, including heart disease and hip dysplasia. Although there are no absolute guarantees these won't occur in her kittens, the genetic testing virtually rules them out as a problem.

I look forward to being able to continue opting for shipping directly from my Breeder in Moscow to your door when the opportunity presents itself like it did with this customer. He wanted two males, and I provided him with gorgeous brothers that he already considers family.

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