Welcome to our TICA Registered Cattery. Our breeding cats are from a prominent Cattery in Russia and imported here with great waits and at great costs.


Our cats live in our home, and are never caged.  There are wonderful Cattery spaces for Females, Kittens, Males and a Nursery. They are socialized from birth to when they go to their forever homes.


Raised from birth from a wonderful veterinarian and breeder before coming to us at Royal Maine Coons, they are health checked for all common Maine Coon genetic defects, either directly, or through their parents.

Our Maine Coons are the healthiest and most beautiful cats available in the United States (USA).



Visit to the Vet
Cat Grooming
Kitty Hug

When you purchase a kitten from us, you will receive a SPECIAL INVITATION to view your kitten 24-hours a day via live feed.  Watch them from birth until they go home!

The Kitten Cam features 1080p full color HD resolution, a wide viewing angle and full color night vision.  You won't miss a minute of your kittens life!  This photo was taken inside one of our kitten nests:



All our Maine Coon kittens are raised in excellent conditions and are healthy to the very best of our knowledge.


New owners are required to have your Maine Coon kitten inspected by your own veterinarian within 72 hours to make sure your kitten arrived safely and that there are no health issues.

If your kitten is flying to its new home, it require a health-check within 72 hours of flying. Please check with your airline.  If a health-check is needed, there is a $100 fee for this service.



All our Maine Coon kittens are microchipped for the safety of the kitten.  


You will be able to put the microchip in your name once your kitten arrives.  All paperwork will be provided.



It is only under certain circumstances that a cat would need a bath.  We do not believe in bathing our cats and kittens unless they have somehow become soiled.  It can cause fur matting, wash away natural oils and cats simply do not like it.  


Cats clean themselves every day, and keep themselves very clean. I've had cats for many years who's skin and coat remained in excellent condition.

Royal Maine Coons has its own line of fragrant calming mists made from pure organic essential oils that are safe for pets and sprayed very lightly on your kitten's coat before it goes home to you.



All Maine Coon kittens need a series of kitten vaccinations.  They receive two vaccinations for Feline Rhinotracheitis, Feline Calici Virus and Panleukopenia, and a one year Rabies Vaccine.


Careful records are kept and and provided to you when you receive your kitten.  Please provide this information to your veterinarian on your first visit.



We now include fantastic medical insurance through TRUPANION for 30 days and has no obligation, waiting period, nor does it exclude any medical problems.


We encourage our new kitten owners to continue with this insurance program for the life of your pet. The monthy fees are very low, as is the deductible.


It is yours to decide, and we provide all the information for you to make an informed decision.  If there is an accident, it could save you thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

NOTE: FL and NY residents have different coverage.



We now include a variety of delivery options and services.  


We recommend picking up your kitten.  We encourage our customers to drive or fly to use to pick-up their kitten. It is much better than flying your kitten in a cargo compartment. Cargo shipping is dark and loud and very frightening for any animal.  


The airlines also use a toxic disinfectant fog in many cases to which these animals are exposed. So please make every effort to either pick your kitten up in person, or we can have a courier bring your kitten to you.


Picking up your kitten is FREE. This service includes airline approved travel crate, a custom Kitten Go-Bag with all necessary vaccination and, medical records, medical Insurance documents, Kitten Food, travel potty pads and a beautiful professional framed photo of your new kitten.


If you are flying here to pick up your kitten, it will need a veterinarian signed Health Certificate within 72 hours of the kitten flying. There is a $100 fee for this service.

We also offer a Door-to-Door Courier Service option.  Fees range from $800 to $3600. Fee is based on destination, ground transportation and airline costs at the time. We makes life much easier for you and your new kitten. Available in the United States only at this time.

We will provide you with a general quote in advance, and an exact quote once reservations have been made shortly before it is time to go home.


As we want to provide the best health and home for our kittens, our veterinarian provides excellent care in sterilization of our litters between 12-14 weeks of age, prior to leaving. No exceptions will be made except for qualified Breeders.*

Note that this practice is widely used by nearly 100% of Maine Coon breeders nationwide and accepted as a safe medical practice.  It is even evidenced to have health benefits for the cats.


*BREEDERS-Only the most excellent and experienced breeders will be considered for breeders rights.  Please contact me with the Contact Us Form to start a dialog.







My name is Peggy Huff.  I am a private homeowner who is blessed to have beautiful and healthy pets, and Maine Coon cats are among my favorite.


I have had cats in my life and in my home my entire life.  Since early childhood, I always seemed to have a cat curled up in my lap, or I'd spend the entire day with our Mama cat and her kittens, treating them gently, with great awe and reverence.  At that early age, I decided that I did not want to have children...I wanted to have a litter of kittens.  And so it was!

When you get a kitten from Royal Maine Coons, you are treated like royalty from the very start. We are caring for your fur baby after all.  So we've implemented cutting edge technologies to be able to include you from day one.  First, you are invited to our Kitten Cam so you can watch your baby grow up, anytime, night or day.

Second, you receive weekly updates on all your kittens records, daily weights, important medical dates, as well as your projected go-home date.

When you receive your kitten, you also receive all your kittens medical and vaccination records, microchip, medical insurance, food and a couple of toys in a custom carry bag, a custom water bottle and more.

We take excellent care of our kittens and our customers from start to finish. It is a labor of true love for our Maine Coons as well as our loving customers.

As kittens are born, we will be posting photos of them on this site, and even more photos on my Facebook page HERE. We will send a notification to all those who have submitted their Kitten Application that a new litter has arrived, and those who have been approved have first dibs at one of our new kittens.  Afterwords, if there are any not reserved, I will open the option for the remainder of my database, provided they submit the required Kitten Application first.

Once kittens are selected, a Kitten Contract must be signed and the kitten paid for. Payment in full is required to reserve any kitten.  Payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

NOTE: Royal Maine Coons reserves the right to refuse any prospective buyer at its sole discretion.

Breeding Standards

We are committed to excellent breeding standards, standards that preserve the Maine Coon breed.

All of our Pedigreed Maine Coon cats are carefully matched to avoid higher rates of inbreeding, and to further improve the health and beauty of our Maine Coon line. 


We do our best choose cats that have a lower % inbreeding coefficient in their Pedigree which is so important for preserving health and high standards in our kittens.


For more information on our Cattery's Genetic Coefficient Inbreeding, click HERE.

Professional Ethics

I am bound to TICA Code of Ethics.  


I monitor every cat and kitten in my Cattery very closely.  Kittens are weighed every single day until they are a month old, then weekly thereafter.  My cats and kittens all receive important date specific vaccinations against common but dangerous pathogens that could endanger the health and even the life of a cat or kitten.


All of my breeding cats come from a long lineage of genetically healthy animals, and in all cases, my cats parents have been genetically tested and all test results are negative.

For more information on the TICA Code of Ethics, click HERE.




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