Our Maine Coon Queens and Sires are second to none. Carrying on long standing excellence in breeding for exceptional health and outstanding beauty, our breeding pairs are selected to bring all the best that Maine Coon Cats have to offer.


We are extremely blessed to have a very rare Maine Coon, Sire Filipp Katrin Style *RU. He is a stunning Black Smoke and White Polydactyl Maine Coon with BRIGHT BLUE EYES. He will produce extraordinary Maine Coon Kittens by Summer 2022. And like him, they won't be inexpensive, but they will be worth every penny.

Also pictured here is very handsome and gigantic Sire X-Faktor Katrin Style*RU.  He is black-ticked with light brown with a white mane, tummy and feet. He has an incredibly thick coat, humongous tail, and ear points which all blend into a stunning

"Golden Mink" color.

Next is my baby Queen Zvezda Katrin Style*RU, a pure white beauty with stunning golden eyes. She is the a sassy little girl and a wonderful part of my ever growing cattery family. The older she gets, the bigger her tail gets, which resembles a giant white feather-duster! She will produce exotically beautiful kittens! I call her Sassy Pants because she thinks she is the boss of everybody and can't get enough attention!

Our beautiful Sire Nasruddin of the Gonsior Line is a spectacular solid white boy with lavish fur and is polydactyl (7/7/6/6). He is extraordinary in every way.

Queen Xenia Katrin Style *RU is a multi-colored beauty, and sister to X-Faktor.  The older she gets, the more stunning she becomes.  


Her adorable heart-shaped nose is what made me fall in love with her.  Her tri-coloring will create some really sweet kittens to match her sugar sweet personality.

Queen Brunette Katrin Style *RU, a sweet and gorgeous black ticked little girl that will be matched with X-Faktor this fall. She is super cute and playful, and loves to play hide and seek with me!

Then there is Sire Beckham Katrin Style *RU, an incredibly affectionate and huge orange cream 
polydactyl boy who will be matched with both Queen Xenia and Queen Zevzda.   


He is so amazing that all the breeders wanted him badly, but I was blessed with acquiring him. Sire Beckham is very sweet and playful, and sleeps on my head at night.

We have also received a beautiful new princess named Primadonna Katrin Style*Ru. Her kittens will be stunning this year,

Also new to our cattery are Zadie and Zabrina of SilverPlace, two darling sisters. Both their names been Princess, and they truly are. 

And last, but not least, we have a new addition to our cattery.Princess Elisabeth of Royal Maine Coons.She is pure white with polydactyl paws (7/7/6/6). She is still a baby, but will be staying with us and we hope one day she will give us beautiful kittens.

All my breeding cat's parents have been tested for genetic variants common in Maine Coons. Parents provided n/n results.


I also to extensive DNA tests on my breeding cats to make certain they are free from genetic variants that can indicate the possibility of illness in the future. If any are found, they are removed from my breeding program and sterilized. 

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