Sire X-Faktor Katrin Style*Ru


X-Faktor is my Black/Amber with White Sire with incredibly gorgeous coat that looks like a lavish mink color. His tail is gigantic and puffs it out every chance he gets. He was bred and born in Russia from one of my favorite breeders.


He is not only incredibly handsome, but he is a real lover boy.  His favorite place is in my bed, doing belly flops right next to me so I can rub his tummy. He is such a happy boy and a wonderful Sire for our Queens.

Male, MCO


Direct DNA Tests: N/N

Parent DNA Tests: N/N

Direct DNA Tests: N/N

PawPeds Pedigree: TBA


Standard Maine Coons

Standard Maine Coons are born with very specific breed standards. First, they have standard paws. Five toes on each paw. Their ears are set apart, and not close together. They have strong square muzzles when viewed fro the side, a distinct nose bridge, but not sharp, a sturdy square body with their legs in proportion to their bodies. Their tails are as long as their tail, and their coat is healthy and shiny, which is a sign of excellent health.


All of our breeding cats meet these specific standards.

We are very selective in choosing our breeding cats as we strive to maintain the standard of the Maine Coon Breed, and our Standard Line is ever popular.