Sire Filipp Katrin Style*Ru


Filipp is my Blue-Eyed incredibly gorgeous Polydactyl Maine Coon Sire.  He was bred and born in Russia from one of my favorite breeders.


He is not only beautiful, but he is the biggest snuggle bunny there ever was.  He is a mama's boy, and I take photos of him draped across my lap in all kinds of contorted ways, and post this photos on my personal FB website with the caption "Your daily rubber kitten photo". It is always so entertaining and makes me laugh and love every day.

Male, MCP (7/7/6/6)


Parent DNA Tests: N/N

Direct DNA Tests: N/N

PawPeds Pedigree: TBA

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Philip Katrin Style RU

Blue-Eyed Maine Coons

Blue-Eyed Polydactyl Maine Coons are truly special.​ More common in white kittens, Filipp's offspring will carry a blue-eyed gene, and all his kittens will have blue eyes. He is vary rare, and will sire kittens of many colors and patterns.

Some Maine Coons are born with an extra toe or two.  Filipp was born with two extra in front and one extra in back.

There are two forms of Polydactyl paws.  One is "mitten" paws, where the extra toe(s) stick out like a thumb, and the other is called "Paddy" paws, were all the toes are in a straight line.  Beckham has Mitten paws in the front with 7 toes each, and Paddy paws in the back with 6 toes on each side.  

These beautiful paws look so full and magnificent on these big cats The breeding cats are particularly expensive and hard to obtain.  We are very lucky to have acquired him for our cattery.